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Swiss Chalet Slot Machine Bonus featuring expanding wilds and multipliers. This slot machine is a clone to Mystical Bayou Slot and has a lot of potential to win …

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New Gem Alert 💎 PWC Token

• Who are we ?

We are a Swiss project based on an online Swiss Casino called Whiterock🇨🇭

• What is PWC ?

PWC is the official token of Prime Whiterock companionship. It is Connected to Whiterock’s unilevel system and an OTC Crypto Exchange connected to a unilevel system is scheduled for release with PWC as the base of operations token.

• What is unilevel ?

Unilevel (or mlm) is one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world. It allows people to passively earn income and Swiss Casino profits with our referall system.

📊 Token’s Utility

• Deposit and Withdraw method on cutt.ly/whiterockcasino
• Withdraw method in the unilevel system
• PWC Tokens used on cutt.ly/whiterockcasino will live deposited into a secondary locked account to increase price stability

0.5% Share of the revenue from Whiterock Swiss Casino will live added to PWC to stabilize the price

💰 Tokenomics (FAIR LAUNCH)

🚀 No presale, no private sale

• Symbol: PWC
• Decimals: 18
• Max Supply: 50’000’000 PWC
• Circulating Supply: 38’000’000 PWC
• Yearly Dividends

Launch price $0.0015
electric stream price $0.0031

⚖ Allocation (20%)

• 5%: Marketing
• 5%: Devs fund
• 1%: partners
• 1%: Team (Locked till summer)
• 10%: Strategic Partners (locked)

👥 Team members (public)

• CEO : Christopher Albrecht
• COO : Luciano Wächter
• Developpers : Whiterock Swiss Casino
• Partners : DESH/ SWISS / Whiterock Swiss Casino

⚠️PWC Holder Privileges💎
👉🏻For the next 3 days, all holders of PWC will recive a free bonus deposit when creating an account under cutt.ly/whiterockcasino so that they tin try out our over +6’000 Slots!🎰

Bonus varies from 20$ to 500$💰

This is our little gift to the community so they tin enjoy our platform Whiterock Swiss Casino for free

Create account here 👉🏻 cutt.ly/whiterockcasino

Once registered, send your email and PWC address to one of our admins, and we will get you your free bonus balance on your Whiterock Swiss Casino account within 24 hours.💰
(Ps: this will live done manually, so have some patience as we have to bank check no one is cheating)

Once registered send
-Your email / Swiss Casino ID
-Your PWC Wallet address
To @Cryptochidibando

Website : https://pwc-unilevel.com/en
PWC’s social media 🎙




Locked Uniswap Liquidity: 50,000 USD & 40’000’000 PWC

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Jouez à vos jeux préférés dans le confort de votre maison.
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Switzerland, an extremely beautiful landlocked land in the heart of Europe, this picturesque nation is home to one of the most advanced economies in the world. When ignoring micronations like Monaco or Lichtenstein, Switzerland is one of only two countries in the world that has a nominal GDP above $80,000 USD per capita.

The Swiss are a little chip different though, other wealthy nations like Norway were typically blessed past a treasure trove of natural resources Switzerland did not have this. It was also lacking a lot of other key ingredients that contribute heavily to most successful countries, it did not have open access to an ocean for international trade, it did not have a particularly competitive inexpensive labor market, it did not have terrain that made edifice productive infrastructure particularly easy and it didn’t even have a population that could agree on what language to speak.

So what was its secret then, how did this nation obtain such tremendous wealth while seemingly been at such a huge disadvantage. In this video, we will effort to find out past looking beyond just the simple facts and figures that make for strong economies.


📚 Want to learn more about the economy of Switzerland? We recommend reading “Swiss Made: The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success”, past James Breiding
👉 https://amzn.to/2ASVnDW (as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases)

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#Switzerland #Europe #Economics


Avoti un citāti -

Katzenstein, P.J., 1980. Capitalism in one land? Switzerland in the international economy. International Organization

Rudolf, B. and Zurlinden, M., 2014. A compact open economy DSGE model for Switzerland. Swiss National Bank Economic Studies

Stahel, W.R., 2016. The circular economy. Nature News

Park, J.K., Ryu, D. and Lee, K., 2019. What determines the economic size of a nation in the world: Determinants of a nation’s share in world GDP vs. per capita GDP. Structural alter and Economic Dynamics

“World Economic Outlook Database, April 2019″. IMF.org. International Monetary Fund.

Ease of Doing business concern in Switzerland”. Doingbusiness.org.

“People at risk of poverty or social exclusion”. ec.europa.eu. Eurostat.

World Bank land and Lending Groups”. datahelpdesk.worldbank.org


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Sept. 26 – Win on Hangover at Harrah’s Chester. Of course of study these games are HOT at the moment. To add salt to the injury, they’re in a highly visible surface area in the Swiss Casino…security was shut past.

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cela peut être une source de stress, de dépression, d’anxiété
ou peut être retardé au travail et préoccupé par l’silvery.
Si le jeu cause l’un de ces effets,
il est considéré comme un problème de jeu.

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IMPORTANT! SO, it seems as if Magnoli’s manufacturer sized down on mine so the large I received is actually a medium….which is why it appears more fitted. PLEASE make sure you order according to the size chart and you tin can’t go wrong.

We review and discuss an UPDATED Swiss Casino Royale Venice Polo from Magnoli Clothiers…what are the improvements and did he get it perfect now? Watch the video to find out!

To order your own shirt: https://www.magnoliclothiers.com/royale-polo-shirt-updated-t-shirts-p-1004.html

Ja jums patika šis videoklips, varat baudīt arī citas mūsu kanāla iespējas:

#notimetodie # bond25 #jamesbond # 007 #danielcraig #seanconnery #thebondexperience @ 007 @Magnoli Clothiers Ltd.
When David is not running an advertising and marketing companionship, his hobby is The Bond Experience which is primarily a video blog where he discusses Bond experiences and the people and brands that help to create those experiences…

David has been featured and sourced for articles in Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Courier Times, Worldwide Today, Star Magazine, MM&M, The Exchange, The Guardian, The New York Times, Bond on Bond, Worldwide Media Inc., AP Wire and online social media outlets. David has been a speaker at Johns Hopkin, Hofstra University, Columbia as a Bond Experience expert. His collection represents one of the most consummate example of Bond lifestyle items. Invited to cover Tom Ford, Omega, Heineken, Coke, Orlebar brownish, NPeal, Floris, Lock & Co., Sunspel, Turnbull & Asser, and a multitude of location partnership events, David has represented social media experiences for many years. In addition David has provided props and decor for Johns Hopkin Swiss Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace Premieres as well as the Devereaux Foundation 007 Fundraiser. The mantra of living like Bond, one moment at a time emanates from a concept of experiencing the joy of collecting small moments in life that add up to amazing journeys and stories….
Līdzredaktors: Džo Dārlingtons

The Bond Experience is not affiliated with whatever James Bond copyright holder and is an unofficial entity.

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